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Which is the most difficult programming language to learn and why?

Here is my list of top 5 difficult programming language


5. Brainfuck

As per the name this language is really a brainfuck why, here is the example of hello world sample program.

This language is created by Urban Müller in 1993. There is only 8 commands in this language. it is impossible to create a complex program with this language. its basically operates on an array of memory cells.

Here is the 8 commands of this language:- 1″>” |2 “<” | 3 “+” |4 “-” |5 “.”| 6 “,” | 7 “[” | 8 “]”

Now its on you if you think that would be consider into our top 5 hardest programming language subscribe to our news latter to stay update with us

4. COW

Yes, i know its funny but this the name of this programming language. COW programming language is an esoteric programming language and its created by Sean Heber in 2003. It has only 12 instructions which based on Moo just like COW. here is the example of hello world sample program.

Most instructions are moos, only the capitalization varies: mOo, moO, mOO, Moo, and so on. MMM, OOO, oom and OOM are the exceptions. So what do you think about this language. give us your feedback about the hardest programming language you think of.


This language really hard to understand. This is a compiler programming language with no pronounceable acronym.

Here is the hello world program in INTERCAL. It was created in 1972 by 2 students Jim Lyon and Don Woods.

2. Malbolge[1]

Malbolge is created by Ben Olmstead in 1998 . it was the most difficult programming language even its create was not able to program its hello world program. Malbolge Language designed to be difficult or impossible to learn.
here is the example of hello world sample program in Malbolge.

1:- Whitespace[2]

Here’s is an example program that prints “Hello, World!” written in Whitespace. Space, T for tab and L for linefeed

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