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What are the most useful programming languages to learn to get a job in 2018?


  1. For web , I think there is no better choice than JavaScript . Nodejs for backend , React js for frontend
  2. Mobile Apps : Swift and Java , Kotlin are already preety famous so you can go with them . But I believe you are lazy like most of us , so you need something that covers both iOS and android . OK then here comes , React Native which helps you write native apps on both iOS and android with JavaScript . So react native could be a good choice for you if you wanna go for app development
  3. Desktop Apps : Obviously c# is a good choice but we are lazy na ? So we have Electron which helps you write desktop apps with JavaScript . So you can either go with c# or electron. It’s upon you
  4. Games : C# and c++ aren’t going anywhere here . Have a good look at game engines like Unity .

Happy Learning , Happy Coding !!!

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